eDiagnosisNucleic Acid Test Kit

1. Fast:

Optimized reaction system, greatly shortening PCR amplification time.

2. Convenient:

  • Pre-mixed reaction solution, simpler operation;
  • Multiplex fluorescent quantitative PCR.

3. Good performance:

  • Limit of detection: 500 copies/mL.
  • The coefficient of variation (CV,%) of the precision Ct value within the batch ≤ 0.7%.
  • Clinical accuracy: 95.03%, 95% confidence interval: 93.30% ~ 96.77%.

4. Reliable

  • ORF1ab gene and N gene dual-site detection.
  • Using the human housekeeping gene as an internal standard to effectively prevent false negatives.
  • UNG enzyme + dUTP system to prevent false positives caused by aerosol pollution.
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